About Our Company

Simply said—we do whatever it takes, adding in a personal connection, to make your efforts successful.

We often laugh with each other that we’ll do anything you need us to do. It’s almost become a motto of ours. While we tout our photography, videography, web technologies and design services, the truth is, you know you can rely on us for practically about anything and turn to us to find your marketing support solutions.

While officially established in 1999, members of the FusionPoint Media team have been working together for far longer. Because of our own personal relationships, we’ve learned to take a different approach to business. While we treat you professionally, we also try to have a more personal connection to enhance our relationship and have a deeper hand in your success. Plain and simple, we have a vested interest in you and your marketing plan.



Our websites are dynamic, work on all devices, and can be managed by you.


Our photo pros are behind the lens to capture your high-quality images.


In studio or on location, we capture your company on the move.


Let us develop brilliant pieces needed to execute your marketing plan.